Moving Equipment in Toronto and GTA

Professional Toronto movers understand the need for the proper equipment to safely move customer's valuables. We keep all of the necessary items at our warehouse and our movers bring all of the appropriate materials with them on every move. You can be sure that your most valuable possessions will be treated with the utmost care and concern by our experienced movers, at all times.

Once everything is packed in boxes, whether you've done it on your own or had some assistance from our GTA movers, the actual transport of items from your home to our truck and into your new home is carried out with precision.

Dollies and Hand Trucks

Our staff can move your belongings quickly because all of our equipment is routinely checked for maintenance. Old equipment is replaced if it's no longer working properly. We employ the use of four-wheel dollies and two wheel hand trucks to move furniture and boxes. Dollies are perfect for handling heavy furniture and other heavy items, while hand trucks are perfect for moving stacks of heavy boxes and other material.

Dollies allow our movers to navigate large unwieldy items so everything rolls in and out of our trucks easily. A top moving company understands the logistics of managing furniture carefully and our movers are always aware of how to move pieces without bumping into anything.

Hand trucks allow our movers to move a group of heavy boxes all at once, which keeps moving time shorter to save you money. Our Toronto movers are experts in the art of properly stacking heavy boxes on a hand truck, so everything is supported properly.

Packing Materials

While both pieces of equipment allow our movers to handle the contents of a home, our movers must still employ packing materials to ensure the safety of your possessions. It's important to protect furniture and other valuable items from the elements and from each other. Our movers are expert packers who know how to load their trucks for maximum safety. Plastic wrap and cloth pads are used during transport to protect furniture and other items from scratches and bumps. Our staff also uses rope to secure heavier pieces during the move.

Our Carefree movers think of everything when arriving at your home on moving day. Moving is hectic but you can have some peace of mind knowing your belongings are being handled by professionals with the best equipment.